Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wall mounted Plane and Tool Cabinet - Part 10 - Rare earth magnets

I will be using many rare earth magnets in the cabinet as they are relatively cheap and work well. Over the years I have found that magnets of 10mm diameter (3/8") and 3mm thick (1/8") have plenty of pull strength and are easy to mount.
One thing that you really have to watch about these are the dangers of them causing blood blisters when you try to separate them from the pack. Slide them apart and you should be safe.

As the external door had now been fitted I used some blue tape and marked the positions of the holes so two magnets were exactly opposing each other. The holes were drilled with a 10mm bradpoint bit. Then using some CA gel glue and CA accelerator and pressed the magnets into place. The door would then be held closed.

Marking out the positions of the holes for the magnets

The magnets fitted in position

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